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Ensuring Environmental Responsibility: The Safe Water Management in Resomation Process

In recent years, the resomation process has gained attention as a more environmentally friendly alternative to flame cremation and burial methods. However, some concerns have been raised about the safety and potential impact on the environment. In this blog post, Pure Reflections aims to address these concerns and shed light on the extensive measures taken to ensure the safety and sterility of water released from the resomation process. Our commitment to environmental responsibility is at the core of every facet of our resomation process, from waste management to water treatment.

Environmental Responsibility at Every Step

Our commitment to environmental responsibility extends to every facet of the resomation process, including the management of waste liquids. It is true that a by-product of resomation is a green-brown, sterile liquid containing peptides, amino acids, sugars, and salts. However, it is crucial to understand that this should not be confused with regular waste disposal practices.

Advanced Filtration and Purification Systems

To safeguard the environment and public health, we have implemented advanced filtration and purification systems. The water released post-resomation undergoes multiple levels of treatment to meet and exceed all regulatory requirements. We want to emphasize that this water is not emitted directly into the wastewater treatment system, as some may commonly assume. Instead, we adhere to the most stringent guidelines for ecological preservation, ensuring that the final water product is free from contaminants before being reintroduced into the ecosystem.

No Impact on Drinking Water Downstream

We understand your concerns about potential impacts on drinking water downstream. In the USA, the fertile nature of the water after the resomation process has made it highly sought after for use as an organic fertilizer in nurseries and agricultural settings. However, it is crucial to clarify that this application is entirely separate from the water returned to rivers.

Our Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

At Pure Reflections, we take immense pride in our commitment to environmental stewardship. We continually invest in cutting-edge technology and research to ensure that our processes align with the highest ethical and ecological standards. Rest assured, we have always prioritized the well-being of communities and the environment in our endeavours.

Pure Reflections aims to set new industry standards in environmental responsibility and sustainability within the funeral industry. We understand and acknowledge the concerns surrounding the resomation process and the management of resulting waste liquids. However, we assure you that we have taken extensive measures to ensure the safety and sterility of water released from our process. Through collaboration with experts and adherence to stringent guidelines from Irish Water, we guarantee that our resomation process stands at the forefront of environmentally responsible practices. As we continue our journey of innovation, we are committed to preserving the environment and protecting public health for generations to come.

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