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Why Choose Resomation

Resomation, also known as Water Cremation or Green Cremation, is an alternative to flame cremation or burial. If you would like a gentle, green and eco-friendly end-of-life choice, Resomation is the choice for you.

A funeral involving Resomation is a familiar ceremony,

similar to flame cremation but instead of using fire, we

use water to return the body to calcium phosphate (ash)

and present your loved one in the urn of your choice. 

The Resomation takes place in our own Resomarium in

Navan Co. Meath, under the exceptional care of our own

in-house team from start to finish. Your loved one's care

journey is of the utmost importance to us and we are

committed to serving each family with care, compassion and dignity. 

Resomation is a very quiet, gentle process. We are passionate about providing choice to families on how involved they would like to be in the preparation and Resomation of their loved ones.

We have two end-of-life service packages available.


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