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Our Commitment To Affordable Costs

Pure Reflections affordable price for resomation services

At Pure Reflections we offer exceptional service and peace of mind, all at affordable costs.

Our promise is to embrace your end of life wishes and to deliver on every element of your end of life hopes and dreams.

Direct Resomation

This is the ultimate green, sustainable and affordable choice for your end-of-life journey. With this option, there is no requirement for a coffin or embalming therefore reducing unnecessary cost and being kinder to the environment. Our team will simply collect and prepare the body for resomation, allowing the family time and space to organize a celebration of life service that truly reflects the life lived. An urn will be presented to the family with our unique transitional candle. With the urn present, a celebration of life service or a funeral mass can then be organised at a time and place that is both familiar and comfortable to all. Whether you choose to gather in the comfort of your home, amidst the tranquility of nature, or at a meaningful community venue, this service provides a personalised tribute that beautifully commemorates their journey. By choosing Direct Resomation, simply call Pure Reflections and we will arrange everything with you.

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Arrange A Direct Resomation
Resomation through your Local Funeral Director

Traditional Funeral Service

If you would like a traditional funeral service, your local funeral director will organise everything for you. They will organise removals to and from the Church and all the necessary documentation for resomation. They will contact us directly to arrange the resomation. A traditional Funeral service would include your loved one being brought from your local  funeral home to the church of your choice for mass before being brought to our Resomation facility.

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