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5 Simple Steps
to arrange a Resomation

Our Services

Traditional funeral service-if you would like a traditional funeral service, your local funeral director will contact us directly to arrange the Resomation.

Direct Resomation - This is the ultimate green and eco-friendly choice for your end-of-life journey. 

There is no requirement for a coffin or embalming, therefore removing unnecessary expenses and saving the environment. Our team will simply collect and prepare the body for Resomation. Your loved one will be placed in our special Biodegradable Urn and presented   with  our  unique Transitional Candle to  your  family. A memorial service can then be organised at a time and place that truly reflects the life lived.  

For those who choose to have a Direct Resomation, simply call Pure Reflections and we arrange everything with you.

Direct Resomation and Funeral Planning

At Pure Reflections, we are here to help and guide you in planning a funeral during your time of grief. Our experienced team will make this as seamless as possible for you and your family. We have perfected this into 5 simple steps.

The 5 Simple Steps for a Direct Resomation

  1. We will receive a call from you.

  2. We arrange for the completion of all required documentation.

  3. We collect your loved one in our own private ambulance.

  4. We conduct the Resomation at our own Resomarium. 

  5. We return the ashes of your loved one, at a time that suits you. 

Our Commitment to affordable costs

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At Pure Reflections we offer exceptional service and peace of mind, all at affordable costs.

Our promise is to embrace your end of life wishes and to deliver on every element of your end of life hopes and dreams.

In choosing "Direct Resomation" with Pure Reflections we can remove much of the traditional cost of a funeral and so reduce the funeral costs to you and your family.

As part of our ongoing commitment to affordable costs, we have two plans to review below.

Direct Resomation through Pure Reflections

When you choose Direct Resomation through Pure Reflections, you are choosing the ultimate green choice of committal with no embalming and no coffin necessary. Contact us for more information.

Resomation through your Local Funeral Director

When you choose Resomation through your Local Funeral Director, your funeral director will contact us and we will conduct the Resomation.

The Resomation cost will be shown as part of the final settlement with your Funeral Director. Contact us for more information.

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