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Native Woodland Trust & Pure Reflections

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We are excited to announce our collaboration with Native Woodland Trust in support of environmental conservation and sustainable living.

At Pure Reflections, we are committed to providing eco-friendly options for funeral services. Our Resomation service uses water and heat to gently and respectfully return the body to nature, without the use of harsh chemicals or emissions. Our partnership with the Native Woodland Trust is an extension of our commitment to preserving the environment and giving back to nature.

The Native Woodland Trust is a charity organization that works to protect and restore native woodlands in Ireland. They aim to promote biodiversity, wildlife habitats, and sustainable land use. As part of this partnership, Pure Reflections will give a donation to Native Woodland Trust, which will be used to acquire a piece of land. This land will be named after our deceased clients as a way to honor their memory and support the important work of the Native Woodland Trust.

Together, Pure Reflections and the Native Woodland Trust are working towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future. We believe that every action counts in the effort to protect our planet and leave a better world for future generations. 

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