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Beyond the Flames: Why Resomation is a Sustainable and Compassionate Choice

When it comes to laying our loved ones to rest, we often default to traditional methods like flame cremation or burial. However, there's a more environmentally friendly and compassionate alternative gaining attention - Resomation. In this blog post, we'll explore why choosing resomation over flame cremation and burial can be a responsible and forward-thinking choice for both your loved one and the planet.

1. Gentle and Eco-Friendly

Reduced Carbon Footprint

One of the most compelling reasons to opt for resomation is its significantly lower carbon footprint compared to flame cremation. Resomation uses water and alkaline hydrolysis to gently bring the body back to its chemical components, releasing no greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Conservation of Resources

Traditional flame cremation consumes energy and releases harmful emissions. Resomation is a more sustainable option, as it requires less energy and doesn't contribute to air pollution.

2. Respect for the Body

Gentle Process

Resomation is a gentle, non-combustive process unlike flame cremation, which subjects the body to intense heat and flames, resomation offers a more respectful way of returning the remains to nature.

3. Preservation of Cultural and Religious Traditions


Resomation aligns with various cultural and religious traditions, making it a versatile choice for diverse communities. Families can incorporate their customs and rituals without compromising their values.

Respect for Religious Beliefs

For those who view fire as a symbol of purification or have specific religious objections to flame cremation, resomation provides a more suitable alternative.

4. Reduced Environmental Impact

Water-Based Solution

The resomation process uses water and alkali to speed up the natural decomposition of the body. It is a gentle and natural way to return the body to the earth without the environmental consequences associated with flame cremation. The liquid by-product undergoes a rigorous treatment to ensure environmental safety. We have implemented advanced filtration and purification systems, ensuring that the water released post-resomation undergoes multiple levels of treatment to meet and exceed all regulatory requirements.

Efficient Use of Resources

Resomation minimizes waste and efficiently utilizes resources, making it an environmentally responsible choice in a world where resource conservation is paramount.

5. Emotional Comfort

Peaceful Farewell

Families often find comfort in the thought of their loved one undergoing a gentle and peaceful process rather than facing the harshness of flame cremation. This can contribute to a more positive and healing experience.

A Sustainable Legacy

Choosing resomation reflects a commitment to sustainability, leaving a meaningful legacy for future generations. It's an opportunity to make a responsible choice that aligns with one's values.

6. Available to everyone in Ireland

Increasing Options

At Pure Reflections we offer ‘Direct Resomation ‘ also called the

Ultimate Green Choice’. As resomation gains acceptance and recognition, Pure Reflections is working directly with funeral homes throughout Ireland that want to offer this eco-friendly alternative. It is now accessible to all those seeking a

sustainable choice.

In choosing resomation over flame cremation, individuals and families can make a conscientious decision that aligns with their values and respect for the environment. It offers a gentle, eco-friendly, and versatile option for saying farewell to loved ones, ensuring that their final journey is both compassionate and sustainable. As we continue to prioritize sustainability in our lives, resomation emerges as a compassionate and forward-thinking choice for end-of-life arrangements.

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