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Resomation & Celebration of Life


Pure Reflections, founded by Elizabeth Oakes, is Ireland's first Resomarium offering a green, eco-friendly, and gentle alternative to flame cremation and burial. For decades there have been two main choices regarding end-of-life arrangements: burial and cremation. As our impact on the world’s precious resources becomes increasingly apparent, the demand for more sustainable options grows. A funeral involving Resomation is a familiar ceremony, except instead of fire, we use water to return the body to its natural components. Just like traditional flame cremation, you will receive an urn containing the pure white calcium phosphate (Ash) of your loved one. 

With resomation, we can make a more positive choice about how we leave this world because this natural process uses water, not fire, making it gentler on the body and kinder on the environment.


At Pure Reflections we want everyone to have an end-of-life choice that is green, sustainable, affordable and a true reflection of the life lived.


 At Pure Reflections, we respect all ethics, all values and all beliefs.


Pure Reflections Resomation
planning a funeral
Planning a funeral


“The Team at Pure Reflections were helpful, patient, and had all the answers when I enquired about Resomation for myself and my husband.” 

— Patricia, Meath

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