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Funeral Wishes

Many people choose to specify any wishes they may have for their

funeral to avoid any worry for their family and friends at a difficult time.

You can include your funeral wishes in your Will, or document them in

more detail by drafting your Advance Funeral Wishes. This lists

everything from your choice of burial or cremation to specific poems

you would like to be read and by whom.

You may want to bear in mind that most services at a crematorium

are only about 20 or 30 minutes unless a longer appointment is

booked. It is also a good idea to allow time for close relatives and

friends to make their own contributions if they would like to.

Your wishes should be signed, witnessed and kept up to date. If possible, they should be kept with your Will.

It is a good idea to also give a copy of the document to your nearest relatives or the person who will probably be responsible for making your funeral arrangements. If your Will is lodged with a solicitor for safe-keeping there may be a short delay in gaining access to it at a time when decisions about the funeral need to be made.


You can download and print off our funeral wishes form, once completed please send us a copy for safe keeping. We will ensure all your wishes are granted. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us

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